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When you live abroad and want to take out a payday loan you can face some problems. Namely, you can have difficulty getting a payday loan in the country where you work.

This is related to the fact that banks outside the country or financial companies on the payday loan market have no credit history and often do not have a permanent place of residence.

When you live abroad and work, you usually rent a flat. This translates into a situation in which financial companies operating outside the country may be reluctant to lend to such persons. However, it is possible to obtain payday loans in Poland.

Many companies accept applications from people who still have check-in in Poland. At the same time, payday loan companies are not reluctant to lend to people working under a contract of employment. If you work on a contract of employment outside of the country, your chances of getting a payday loan increase.

Payday loans without certificates

If you do not want to borrow very large sums of money then all kinds of payday loans without certificates can be a great solution. Many companies offer payday loans available via the Internet, where it is not necessary to provide information about earnings.

At the same time, many such payday loans can be obtained only on the basis of an ID card. It should be taken into account that many companies offer payday loans only for Polish clients. This means that you must have Polish citizenship, but you also need to have a registered residence in Poland. However, people working as Poles outside the country are very often registered in the country, so such people should not have much problems with borrowing money online.

Installment payday loan

There is also a decision to install installment payday loans. Such payday loans allow for obtaining much larger sums. At the same time, in the case of installment payday loans, it is necessary in most cases to provide information about income.

In individual companies, the procedures vary and it may be necessary to translate income information into Polish when they are issued in a foreign language. If you earn large amounts of income outside of the country, there should be no problems with obtaining a payday loan.

Quick installment payday loans

There are also installment payday loans that can be obtained in larger amounts without the need to present financial documents. There are companies that provide payday loans with a minimum of formalities, which only requires personal information. It is also necessary to have a personal ID.

At the same time, quick payday loans are a way to significantly shorten the time in which financial resources will be obtained after a positive consideration of the payday loan application. It matters when you suddenly need more money. Many companies are able to answer the granting or non-granting of a payday loan even within a dozen or so minutes in which the payday loan application is considered.